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Greece is an alluring Balkan nation spread in bits and pieces across the Aegean Sea in the Southeast of Europe. It charming natural beauty and beautiful architecture make it a hot pick amid popular honeymoon destinations in the world. From the black sand beaches in Santorini to picturesque resorts in Mykonos and further to the colonies of whitewashed houses in Oia, and Crete, the ancient city dating back to almost 5th century B.C. is the true love!


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Best time to visit Greece for honeymoon: May to early July is pleasantly warm and makes perfect conditions for lovely couples looking at outdoor activities. While September to October is Autumn in Greece and is considered as the best time to go on a honeymoon in Greece. The weather mostly pleasant and the sky remains clear. Occasional showers make the weather even better!

A district in Athens, Plaka can be considered a quiet retreat while looking for places to visit in Greece for honeymoon. Neoclassical houses, victorian streets, and secluded beaches act as the perfect lure for every honeymooner. Plaka also has quite a few local food joints and souvenir shops brimming with artefacts, something that most of the lovely couples look forward to on their honeymoon.

Graced by the Ionian Sea, Corfu Island is a cozy retreat for the pretty lovebirds flocking to Greece for a honeymoon. Of all the dreamy honeymoon spots in Greece, Corfu is a place where you must stay a day or two on your honeymoon.

Other attractions during a honeymoon in Corfu: Hike to Mount Pantokrator, Plan a visit to scuba centers at Paleokastrítsa, explore the old castles, sleepy villages, and Kérkyra old town

If you are looking for some happening nightlife at a place brimming with thumping music, Mykonos it is! One of the best Greece honeymoon places, Mykonos has plenty of discotheques and pubs where you can drench yourself in total madness. Dance and celebrate with your partner into the night and make the moments of your beautiful honeymoon count. This one is surely the most visited Greece honeymoon destinations!

Besides, ancient Greek ruins in Delos, Maritime Museum, secluded beaches, and traditional windmills must be on the check-list of every couple finalizing a Greece honeymoon itinerary. The aesthetic beauty of these places glowing with inherent charm and quietude will transport you into a different sphere altogether.

Other attractions during a honeymoon in Mykonos: Megali Ammos beach, Gondola ride at Little Venice, rustic charm of Matoyianni Street, iconic Windmill, happening Kalafatis Beach, views from Armenistis Lighthouse

Perfect for lovebirds seeking an ideal honeymoon destination and a non-cliche experience, Nafplio is a great place to be. You can go for a romantic walk along the promenade or take a rejuvenating swim in the beach.

If you and your significant other have always desired a honeymoon like shown in Bollywood or Hollywood, then Spetses is the best Greek island to visit. You can go for a long romantic stroll or explore the tinsel town on a horse-drawn carriage. And since there are no private vehicles on the island, experiencing the vibes of the era gone by is much easier here.

Rhodes Island is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Greece and lures couples from across the world with its enticing beauty. You will witness the golden sands and turquoise waters amidst the peaceful ambiance. This island purveys a blend of modernity and traditions in an alluring manner. The Palace of the Grand Master is one of the most popular attractions here which was established in the 7th century.

Another destination offering a perfect honeymoon in Greece is Lesbos. It is the third biggest island in Greece and is known for its impeccable beauty. The place follows quite strict rules to preserve the natural beauty of this stunning island. The vibrant flora and fauna and the mesmerizing olive gardens of Lesbos enthrall wanderers with its unique beauty.

Make the most out of your honeymoon in Greece by unraveling what Santorini treasures in the vastness of the ocean. As you take a private boat tour, you come across the islets of Palea Kameni, where your guide will ask you to dive in and swim a small distance. As you take a few strokes, you will feel that the temperature of the water is gradually going from cold to warm.

Cruise through the Greece isles basking in the glory of magical moments in the mid of the sea. The ride casts its magical spell on the honeymooners and makes them go a step further as they plan to exp the best during their honeymoon.

For all the fun loving and adventurous couple, Naxos in Greece is the place to be. Plenty of beaches around, myriad of water activities, and scenic view everywhere make Naxos a prime attraction for honeymooners in Greece.

Planning a Greece Honeymoon? Check out the most romantic accommodations in Greece here. Everything said and done, there is absolutely nothing that matches the comfort and panache of an elegant stay overlooking a sea, gaping at a live mountain volcano and viewing a perfect sunset. The best of Greece honeymoon resorts offer all of the above and much more!

The wonderful blend of unscathed nature, myriad of colors, and ancient architecture is Greece! A perfect sojourn in the heart of Europe surrounded by the trio of Ionian, Aegean, and the Mediterranean Sea. Plan a honeymoon trip to Greece!

A honeymoon in Greece offers one of the most romantic adventures to begin your life of happily wedded bliss. One of the most popular destinations in the world for couples, your options are nearly endless. Santorini is often the first to come to mind with its legendary sunsets and natural thermal pools ideal for a romantic soak surrounded by breathtaking volcanic landscapes. Join a honeymoon food and wine tour where you can sample island-produced wines and all sorts of gastronomic delights, stroll on black sand beaches and refreshing dips in the sapphire sea.

We officially booked our honeymoon to Greece this morning!!! We used a travel agent located in Greece who knows the hotels and transportation well. Have you been to Greece or are you going? What are...

Hey everyone, My boyfriend and I are getting married in about 2 weeks but we are having our actual wedding next fall, so that is when we are planning on going on our honeymoon. We want to go to Italy...

When it comes to booking a honeymoon in Greece, it's hard to know where to start. Greece is made up of thousands of islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas, with each region offering honeymooners something different to the next.

Greek honeymoons are so versatile and offer so many different experiences and romantic holiday styles, we're not exaggerating when we say you could visit 100 times and have a different type of holiday each time. Brimming with ancient ruins, miles of sun-drenched coastline and charming tavernas, Greece is the perfect place for an island-hopping romantic break.

And it's not just the ancient architecture that makes Greek honeymoons so wonderful... Who doesn't love a taste of Greek food? Whilst on honeymoon in Greece you and your partner can dive into authentic Greek cuisine and try both classic and more risqué dishes, all of which have that delicious Mediterranean flair that Greek food is so famous for.

Being well and truly stuffed isn't an issue on a honeymoon in Greece - each of its islands are brimming with white sandy beaches and luxurious resorts for you to relax and enjoy the luxurious landscapes surrounding you. To help you plan your holiday, we've put together a complete guide with everything you need to know about booking a honeymoon in Greece.

Greece is one of the best honeymoon destinations for so many reasons. Many couples opt for a honeymoon in Greece over pricier destinations such as honeymoons in the Maldives and honeymoon holidays in Bora Bora because it's much cheaper and still super beautiful.

The weather in Greece is gorgeous, especially between May and October and it's a great honeymoon choice for couples who want a luxurious sunny holiday without having to board a long-haul flight. Most Greek destinations are around 4-5 hours on a plane from Britain which is nothing compared to some of the more exotic honeymoon destinations.

Greece is also great for couples who want to visit multiple countries or destinations on their honeymoon. Whether it's another European destination or another of the many Greek islands that you choose to visit, Greece is brimming with neighbouring locations you can pop to on your way there or home.

Greece is home to some really cheap honeymoon destinations depending on whereabouts you go and when you go. Travelling to one of the main islands can score you a deal and there are plenty of Greece honeymoon packages and all-inclusive hotels that offer extremely competitive prices. Trips to cities such as Athens also work out pretty cheap if you're more land-explore than sea-swimmer.

For couples who are after a much more luxurious honeymoon, fear not as some of the Greek islands are well known for their pricey all-inclusive hotels. Places such as Mykonos and Santorini are renowned for being uber luxurious and much pricier than other Greek islands - worth every penny though!

Any Greece honeymoon is incomplete without a bit of history, but nowhere is quite as awe-inspiring as the six 14th century monasteries of Meteora. These red-roofed buildings sit atop massive stone pinnacles of rock, riddled with ladders and caves, creating a magical and mystical sight.

Ikos Oceania in Thessaloniki is such a dreamy honeymoon hotel in Greece. The all-inclusive hotel is located on a private beach with incredible views overlooking the tranquil ocean waters. The Ancient Olynthos landmark is nearby, as Plagia-Flogita beach where you can really admire the area's natural beauty.

Ikos Dassia in Corfu is a magnificent honeymoon hotel in Greece. Foodie couples will be able to eat at a different on-site restaurant every night of the week as this romantic spot has a whopping seven for you to choose from. The views of the Mediterranean oceans are absolutely stunning and the only problem you'll have here is that you won't want to leave! 041b061a72


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