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Lotta From Stockholm Where To Buy

I've got those very clogs from Lotta from Stockholm - the tan braided - and they're great (although I haven't worn them outside yet).If you look on their website they also have seconds for 27 - mine are seconds, in fact, and just have a small knot in the heel.If you're not sure re. sizing, email Lotta your foot length - she was very helpful to me.They're Torpatoffeln, which from what I can tell is a brand of Swedish clog that has apparently been going throughout, i.e. they predate the revival of Hasbeens. They're handmade in Sweden etc.

lotta from stockholm where to buy


I know what will happen with the H&M ones though. I have no fashion fairy and I always miss out. I'll end up waiting and not getting any anyway. I thought I'd be able to wear them with everything too. I have some wedge fur lined boots from Topshop and new Ash Thelmas which I'm wearing all the time at the moment and am loving the height. I've only worn flats since dd was born nearly 3 years ago whereas before then I didn't own any flats other than holiday flip flops. I'm thinking these could be my comfy summer heels.

I have made projects where all instructions came from a dream. For example - my daughter's best friend, she's like an extra daughter for me, got a kid and I was unsure of what I should give her? A little painting or a drawing, maybe!

I happened to find a photo of myself, at five years old, taken in a photo booth. I immediately understood that this photo from 1966 was a treasure. It was a path directly to the spot where my pain started. Where darkness took over. It was a very heavy moment in my life. But it was at the same time \u201Cthe truth\u201D. 041b061a72


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