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The Thirteenth Floor

The Thirteenth Floor are the group of witches and sorcerers that reside on the namesake floor of the Woodland Apartment Building. They provide the enchantments and spells to the Fabletown community, first and foremost the spells that cloak the magical nature of its inhabitants and make the mundys unaware of their presence.

The Thirteenth Floor

As a result, it was almost too late to brake when the man saw the woman on the road. He jammed his foot hard to the floor, and the car swerved in the road before coming to a stop just inches from her legs.

Each floor was set up like a maze, decorated with cobwebs and other Halloween decorations. There were lots of people dressed up as ghosts and ghouls to frighten the partygoers. An exciting prize was hidden on the top floor, and the first person to reach the prize would win it.

Jack and Sophia were two of the partygoers. They worked their way easily through the mazes on the first few floors. As they headed up through the building, the hallways on each floor got darker and scarier.

When they got to the twelfth floor, Jack and Sophia heard a blood-curdling scream. As they made their way through the maze, they heard more screams and cries for help. Finally, in the lobby by the elevators, they saw blood dripping from the ceiling.

The Thirteenth Floor is a PlayStation 1 inspired first person horror experience, take control of the unsuspecting protagonist as you guide him through the thirteenth floor of the Underlook Hotel to discover what horrific events unfolded there.

The poem presents a Native-American woman hanging by her fingers from a window ledge 13 floors above the street. As she tries to decide whether or not she'll let go, she thinks of all the reasons that have led her to consider suicide: she feels broken in "several pieces between the two husbands she has had"; here in a crowded Chicago tenement, she is out of her natural native place in the north; she is poor; she suffers from racial discrimination; she hears voices; she cries "for lost beauty." She considers her three young children and remembers her own childhood. The poem ends with the either/or choice still not made--either she will fall to her death or she will climb back in the window and reclaim her life.

One of the impressive qualities of this poem is its continuous present tense--the woman is hanging and feeling and thinking, while she is trying to decide whether or not she will let go. And the reader hangs with her. All the thoughts and sensations going through her mind seem to dilate time: we wonder how she can keep hanging on while she is remembering and feeling all kinds of experiences. The thirteenth floor of the poem's title suggests not only bad luck but a kind of "non-existence," since many buildings go from the 12th to the 14th floors (at least on elevators and apartment numbers). Like the woman, the reader is left dangling.

Humans can't access it or even comprehend its existence. The Thirteenth Floor can be reached by any artificial life form through any elevator across Manhattan, by activating an AR button only they can see that appears off the side of any elevator floor panel.[2]

Betty Ann, tells the story. The story takes place in an old renovated apartment building with thirteen floors. The thirteenth floor was deserted; no one ever lived there. The last tenants had mysteriously disappeared years ago; vanished into thin air. The floor was dark, dusty and dirty, and full of old broken items and parts of furniture. The floor was frequently used as a playroom for two kids named Billy and his adopted sister Karin who lived on the twelfth floor. One day when the old elevator man Gus brought them up to play floor hockey, he, like many times before, warned them to be careful because the people who once lived there had just disappeared and no one knows what happened. Billy and Karin don't think anything will ever happen, but Gus is just concerned with them playing all by themselves alone on the said thirteenth floor. Gus then leaves in the elevator and goes back down.

Billy and Karin think Gus is talking crazy talk and joke about it for a moment. They then begin to play some floor hockey, as this is what Billy was very good at but Karin wasn't so good at it herself. Karin tried to shoot the ball they were using as a puck, missed it a few times, then shot it into the wrong direction. Billy criticizes her for missing the net. Karin gets annoyed and tells him that if she had his genes she could do it. Billy was confused at first. Karin clears herself saying it's not about his blue jeans, but his biological genes, and that her biological parents must have been klutzes like her. Billy gets fed up with her always using her adoption as an excuse for not being as good as he is at doing something.

Then a loud noise is heard from the outside and a bright clear and pink flashes of light shine into the thirteenth floor. Everything started rattling and shaking. The siblings got worried and decide it's time to leave. When they go to the elevator it took a really long time to get up there and they begin to worry. When it arrived, they didn't find Gus there. Then, someones asks them if they're going down. A tall, long haired man in a black uniform with a yellow emblem named Leonid pleasantly informs them that Gus had to leave for an emergency and he is filling in. Billy and Karin doesn't trust him and they decide to take the long way down using the stairs.

That night when Karin is sleeping in her bed her television comes on by itself. The television shows a man in a strange black uniform with a turquoise emblem, politely speaking to her asking her how she is doing. He informs her that "they" have come for a little visit. She asks the man on the T.V. if he is talking to her, he asks Karin what she thinks, and she tells him that she thinks that she is dreaming. The man smiles at her and the t.v. goes off by itself and Karin goes back to bed. The next day Karin and Billy as usual decide to go up and play on the thirteenth floor, but that day Leonid nicely tells them that they can't go up because the new tenants are fumigating that day. Karin and Billy are very surprised to hear there are actually new tenants there now. Leonid asks them if they're going down and Billy tells him no thanks and they head for the stairs again.

Karin later tells Billy that she had another of her recurring dreams about a man talking to her on her Television. Then Billy finds Karin a letter that she has gotten in their unit's mailbox. The letter had no stamp on it or any person's last name. Billy teases her saying maybe it's from a secret admirer. Karin tells him she wishes it were. When Karin looks at it, the letter is a mysterious strange invitation. She has been invited to come check out the new Toy Company on the thirteenth floor of the building. She says the Toy Company wants to test new toys and sports equipment on kids, and she is invited for anytime the next day. Karin, knowing she isn't very good at sports doesn't really want to go. So she gives the invitation to Billy but Billy convinces her to go thinking they might still give away some free stuff.

The next day Karin visits the Toy Company and she brings Billy with her. The Thirteenth floor has very quickly been remodeled and looks beautiful now. Different kinds of interesting gadgets and devices have been set up all around the floor. She meets a woman in a strange black uniform with a pink emblem named Olga. Olga is pleased to see Karin and only wants her to come in. Karin insists on Billy joining her and Olga reluctantly lets him in too.

Next Raymond takes her to sit on a roller coaster seat set up on the floor. He politely tells her the next test is to stimulate parts of her brain that she has never used before. This will make her reach her full mental and physical powers faster. Raymond makes a giant letter block holding a yellow ball on top move closer to her. Karin is instructed to focus on it with her mind, then to open her eyes and point at it with her mind. She points at it and it begins to move.

Karin runs off to the elevator and she asks Leonid to take her to the twelfth floor. Leonid tells her that he thought they would all be going up together. She realizes that he is one of them too and she tries to freeze him with the remote, but it doesn't work. He reveals to her that they're not all robots and not to let her confusion blind her, and to listen to her instincts and follow her destiny. Also the time has come for her to expand her horizons to see another part of the universe. Karin thinks about this for a moment, but when she see his creepy white alien hands reaching for her she runs off scared.

Karin finally hearing that there are ten minutes to go, realizes she doesn't have much time to help Billy. She runs down the stairs and knocks on someone's door but no one answers. Then she remember the remote and goes back up. Billy has finally woken up and begins to move. She controls Raymond to hold Olga in place and they begin to run off and leave the floor. Then on their way out Leonid once again tries to persuade Karin to trust him and go with them. Leonid explains because it's beautiful there and she can fly like a bird there and see straight through to other worlds. Karin complains that she heard them say that Billy would die there. Leonid tells her he doesn't belong there. Karin tells him they just won't go and they run off. The P.A. now announces lift off in thirty seconds. Leonid tells her as she leaves that she's making a big mistake.

For years, Douglas Hall (Bierko) has been working with his friend and mentor, Hannon Fuller (Armin Mueller-Stahl), to create a simulated world. Not merely a computer game, their simulation is a Small, Secluded World where the inhabitants don't know that they are simulated. They believe that their world is the real world of 1937, not just a simulation in a cluster of supercomputers at the thirteenth floor of some future skyscraper.

In China 4 is unlucky so is sometimes buildings I was in had 3, 3A and then 5 but as 14 got the same treatment giving 13, 13A then 15. I was funny for me as it may be less unlucky for Chinese but having two 13th floors would make it double unlucky for westerners! 041b061a72


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