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Allwinner A13 Tw A0910 V22 1126

allwinner will also be getting into the raspberry pi game. the company already sells its own $26 rk3288 soc, and now it has announced its cortex-a53 quad-core, $39 boards, the nezha 2 and 3. there are no other details yet, but the company is planning to release its first $39 model this month, and its second model later in the year.

allwinner a13 tw a0910 v22 1126

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the nezha linux platform, a variant of the linux kernel, will be provided to allwinner, and will be used by nezha partners to build a variety of arm-based hardware to target the nezha linux platform. the ubuntu snappy core will be provided to nezha partners to build nezha-ready applications.

the allwinner a10 is its first quad-core soc, and is based on an eight-core "cortex-a9" processor, rather than arm's standard cortex-a8. it's also the first allwinner to officially integrate mali 400 gpu support, although its likely that the company integrated the gpu itself rather than licensing it from arm.

the allwinner a8 is the first allwinner soc with a mali t7 gpu. officially, the gpu runs at 450mhz, but the chip also packs an arm cortex-a9 soc. the soc has four cortex-a7 cores, each of which can run at up to 1.7ghz, and four cortex-a15 cores that can run at up to 2.0ghz. allwinner and other chinese chip makers have been bundling mali gpus in their socs for years, so it makes sense for allwinner to do the same. the mali t7 gpu is a big departure from allwinners previous mali 400 gpu, which was aimed at mid-range android tablets and media devices, and not something you'd find in a high-end smartphone.

the allwinner a10 and a8 both support mali-t7 gpus, while the a13 only supports mali-t6 and mali-t4 gpus. in terms of graphics performance, the mali-t7 gpu in the a13 is probably pretty decent, but i wouldnt expect that it could take the place of an adreno, mali, or powervr gpu in a high-end smartphone.


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