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Bhhai Ka Maal Hai Movie Review {1/5}: Critic Review of Bhhai Ka Maal Hai by Times of India

H3: Sofia Hayat as Maal H3: Anil Goyal as Bhhai's Friend H3: Other Supporting Actors Cast: A brief introduction of each actor's role, background, and previous works. H2: Who are the Makers of Bhhai Ka Maal Hai? H3: Anil Goyal as Director H3: Anil Goyal as Producer H3: Anil Goyal as Writer H3: Rajesh Roshan as Music Director H3: Other Crew Members Crew: A brief introduction of each crew member's role, background, and previous works. H2: What are the Highlights of Bhhai Ka Maal Hai? H3: The Comedy Scenes H3: The Songs and Music H3: The Dialogues and Punchlines H3: The Social Message Highlights: A brief description of each highlight's features, impact, and appeal. H2: What are the Reviews of Bhhai Ka Maal Hai? - Reviews: A summary of the critics' and audiences' opinions, ratings, feedbacks, and recommendations. H2: Where Can You Watch Bhhai Ka Maal Hai? - Streaming Options: A list of the platforms where you can watch or download the movie in 1080p HD quality. H2: Conclusion - Conclusion: A recap of the main points of the article, a personal opinion on the movie, and a call to action for the readers. - - FAQs: A list of 5 frequently asked questions and answers about the movie. The article with HTML formatting is as follows: Bhhai Ka Maal Hai: A Comedy Movie That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

If you are looking for a fun-filled movie that will tickle your funny bone, then you should check out Bhhai Ka Maal Hai. This is a comedy movie that was released in 2016 and stars Sunil Pal, Sofia Hayat, Anil Goyal, and other supporting actors. The movie is directed by Anil Goyal himself who also wrote and produced it. The music is composed by Rajesh Roshan who has given some catchy songs for this movie.

Bhhai Ka Maal Hai hindi 1080p hd hindi movie

Bhhai Ka Maal Hai is a story of a simpleton named Bhhai who falls in love with a beautiful girl named Maal. However, he faces many obstacles in his quest to win her heart as he has to deal with her arrogant father, her jealous ex-boyfriend, his own greedy friend, and some hilarious situations that arise along the way. The movie is full of comedy scenes that will make you laugh out loud and also has a social message about respecting women and their rights. The movie is a perfect blend of humor, romance, drama, and social awareness.

What is Bhhai Ka Maal Hai About?

Bhhai Ka Maal Hai is a comedy movie that revolves around the love story of Bhhai and Maal. Bhhai is a naive and innocent guy who works as a peon in a government office. He has a crush on Maal, who is a modern and independent girl who works as a journalist. Maal is the daughter of a rich and influential businessman who wants her to marry a wealthy and well-educated guy. However, Maal falls in love with Bhhai after he saves her from some goons.

Bhhai decides to propose to Maal but he faces many challenges in his way. He has to impress her father who hates him for being poor and uneducated. He has to deal with her ex-boyfriend who is a spoiled brat and wants to get her back. He has to face his own friend who is greedy and wants to take advantage of his situation. He also has to cope with some funny and unexpected incidents that happen to him and his family.

The movie shows how Bhhai overcomes all these difficulties with his wit, courage, and honesty. He also learns some valuable lessons about life, love, and society. He realizes that money and status are not everything and that true love is beyond these material things. He also understands that women are not objects or property and that they deserve respect and equality. He also discovers that friendship is not about selfishness but about loyalty and trust.

Who are the Stars of Bhhai Ka Maal Hai?

Sunil Pal as Bhhai

Sunil Pal is the main protagonist of the movie who plays the role of Bhhai. He is a popular comedian and actor who has appeared in many comedy shows and movies. He is known for his mimicry skills and his funny expressions. He has won many awards for his comedy performances. He has also hosted some reality shows and events.

In Bhhai Ka Maal Hai, Sunil Pal showcases his comic talent as well as his acting skills. He portrays the character of Bhhai with perfection and makes the audience laugh with his hilarious antics. He also brings out the emotional side of Bhhai and makes the audience empathize with him. He delivers some witty dialogues and punchlines that add to the humor of the movie.

Sofia Hayat as Maal

Sofia Hayat is the female lead of the movie who plays the role of Maal. She is a British-Indian model, actress, singer, and activist who has worked in various fields of entertainment. She has participated in some reality shows and has also released some music albums. She has also been involved in some controversies and scandals.

In Bhhai Ka Maal Hai, Sofia Hayat plays the role of a modern and independent girl who falls in love with a simpleton. She portrays the character of Maal with grace and charm. She also displays her chemistry with Sunil Pal and makes the audience root for their love story. She also sings some songs in the movie that add to the musical appeal of the movie.

Anil Goyal as Bhhai's Friend

Anil Goyal is the supporting actor of the movie who plays the role of Bhhai's friend. He is also the director, producer, and writer of the movie. He is a multi-talented person who has worked in various aspects of filmmaking. He has also acted in some other movies and shows.

In Bhhai Ka Maal Hai, Anil Goyal plays the role of a greedy and cunning friend who tries to exploit Bhhai's situation. He portrays the character of Bhhai's friend with finesse and humor. He also creates some comic situations that add to the fun quotient of the movie.

Other Supporting Actors

The movie also features some other supporting actors who play important roles in the movie. They are:

  • Rajesh Puri as Maal's father

  • Shakti Kapoor as Maal's ex-boyfriend

  • Johnny Lever as Bhhai's uncle

  • Asrani as Bhhai's boss

  • Vijay Raaz as a police inspector

  • Rakhi Sawant as an item girl

These actors are well-known for their comic roles and they add to the entertainment value of the movie. b70169992d


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