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The One In Vegas (1)Friends : Season 5 Episode 23 ##VERIFIED##

Each episode had it's own subplot, with continuing through lines that guide each season. Although there is a lot of sadness in Friends, which helps to make the show true to life, there is also a huge amount of laughter from the mistakes they make and the way they all try to muddle through life, providing a whole collection of funny episodes.

The One in Vegas (1)Friends : Season 5 Episode 23

However, when Monica tries to fire him, it doesn't work and she's no better off. The episode is so funny because of Monica's expectant expression and Joey's unwillingness to go along with it, even seeming to make friends with Monica's enemies. To brilliantly round off the episode, Phoebe sings her Christmas song she wrote about her friends and as any fan will know, Phoebe's ditties are always a comedic gem.

However, the reason for this episode being one of the funniest is Ross, Rachel and Chandler trying to get Ross' couch up a staircase. Even though Chandler is a TV character fans want to be friends with, he lost his cool with Ross, who keeps exclaiming the word "pivot." Ross' instruction is utterly useless (and ridiculously funny because of the way he keeps saying it) and of no help to the other two carrying the furniture. Chandler's response quickly shuts him down, but only livens audiences up in fits of laughter.

Stacker compiled IMDb ratings for each episode of the 10-season series to come up with this list of the 50 highest-rated episodes. From emotional cliffhangers that shocked audiences to hilarious moments that produced some of the show's most beloved jokes, this list runs the gamut.

With five single friends, everyone was bound to play musical partners at some point, but Chandler really did a number on Joey when he kissed Kathy. To punish Chandler, Joey makes him spend Thanksgiving in a large box in the living room. To be more exact, he makes Chandler spend six hours in the box, which was the same amount of time Joey spent in their entertainment center when they were robbed earlier in the season.

In the episode, Joey and Chandler are at war after Joey was tricked into eating chicken fat from a cup. The war escalates to the two best friends fighting over a chair in Monica's apartment. After learning that Chandler has all his underwear, Joey leaves the apartment only to come back wearing several layers of Chandler's clothes to get back at him.

In this episode, Joey finds himself working at Caesar's Palace after the movie he was going to film is put on hiatus. Embarrassed to tell his friends the truth, Joey pretends he's still working on the movie. This plan backfires when the gang shows up to Vegas and finds Joey working at the hotel. During the second part of the episode, Joey discovers a new career path when he finds his "hand twin."

During this season six episode, Joey gets a chance to enjoy the finer things when he finds keys to a Porsche at Central Perk. At first, he tries to find the owner but when he notices he gets extra attention when he stands in front of the car he gives up on that mission.

In this episode, Joey's worst nightmare comes true when his fridge breaks. Still, out of work, Joey can't afford to replace the fridge so he asks his friends for help. While Joey tries desperately to convince his friends to help him he eventually gives up and decides to eat all the food in the fridge before it goes bad.

In the episode, Joey is being interviewed by a writer for Soap Opera Digest. Afraid he's going to mess up again, he asks his friends to be at Central Perk when the interview happens so they can interrupt him if he says something wrong.

Season 3 was really the star when it came to the best "Friends" cold opens. Ross is frustrated with his pals in the second episode of the season as no one other than Phoebe is ready on time for his event. In the opening scene before the credits, Joey peruses Monica's fridge and grabs what he thinks is a glass of cider. Chandler suggests he tries it, and after a swig, Joey puts the glass back in the fridge and notes, "Yup, it's fat. I drank fat." The audience howls, and Chandler interrupts, noting, "Yea, I know. I did that two minutes ago."

In "The One Where They All Turn Thirty," it's Rachel's birthday, but we're treated to flashbacks of the five other friends' big days throughout the episode. In this cold open, we see how upset Rachel is about turning 30, as she slams the door on her friends who have shown up to celebrate her. After Joey tells Rachel that turning the big 3-0 isn't a big deal, we flashback to his birthday, where he's yelling at God for making him grow old.

But never once in 10 seasons is Rachel shown wearing glasses. So either she was lying to save face about the subtitles, or she walks around with bad eyesight. We know Rachel doesn't wear contacts because, as established on season five, episode 22, "The One with Joey's Big Break," she's terrified of anything touching her eyes.

Again, Phoebe meets her birth father after an emotional buildup. She had tried to work up the courage to meet him in earlier seasons, but ends up running into him at her grandmother's funeral on season five, episode 13, "The One with Joey's Bag."

The chick and the duck play a major role as Chandler and Joey's beloved pets in earlier seasons. They slowly disappear from the show and make their final appearance on season six, episode 20, "The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E."

The birds aren't seen again, but the duck is mentioned when it eats Rachel's face cream and gets sick on season seven, episode two, "The One with Rachel's Book." (OK, we're all thinking it now: Did Rachel's face cream kill the duck?)

Ross, then, seems to age more slowly than your average man. On season three, episode 13, "The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends," he tells Chandler he's 29 years old. On season four, episode nine, "The One Where They're Going to Party," all three of the guys say they're 29.

The season seven episode "The One Where They All Turn Thirty" features flashbacks for all the characters but focuses on Rachel's 30th birthday in the present. Monica and Rachel are the same age, since they graduated high school together, so we know Monica turned 30 that same year.

We know from a previous episode on season seven that their wedding date is May 15. Plus, Rachel would've already been about one month pregnant, given that Ross reveals on episode three ("The One Where Rachel Tells...") that he and Rachel slept together "about a month ago."

Finally, on season eight, episode 22, "The One Where Rachel Is Late," she goes into labor. She also tells Ross that it's "100 degrees outside," which signals that it's summertime in New York City. But she should have given birth around January.

On season one, episode four, "The One With George Stephanopoulos," Ross is depressed because it's the anniversary of the day he first had sex with Carol, his ex-wife who he met in college. He tells Joey and Chandler that it was the first time he had sex with anybody.

Joey has seven (seven!) sisters that live close by, but they only show up in one episode. All seven sisters come to Joey's birthday party on season three, episode 11, "The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister."

The only other time that any of them show up is on season eight, episode 10, "The One With Monica's Boots." Joey's sister, Dina, comes to tell him that she's pregnant, which results in Joey promising that he's going to be there for the baby. Dina and her baby are never mentioned again.

We know from multiple flashback episodes that Rachel and Chandler have met many times. They spent multiple Thanksgivings together at the Geller house, and even made out once at a college party, as seen on season 10, episode 11, "The One Where the Stripper Cries."

But this seems like a weird premise for many "Friends" fans, since Chandler isn't exactly known as an unemotional guy. He cries twice during season four alone: episode 14, "The One with Joey's Dirty Day," and episode 22, "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever."

This episode marks the arrival of Charlie Wheeler, aka Aisha Tyler, aka the first person of colour to become a regular cast member on Friends. Hurrah! But yes, it took the show nine seasons and practically a decade to get to that point. And even then, Charlie only remained for nine episodes.

Friends is a popular NBC television show that first aired on September 23, 1994. It follows the lives of six young adults living in New York City as they navigate their way through life. The show aired for 11 seasons and quickly became a fan favorite. Friends has been praised for its witty dialogue and lovable characters. After all these years, fans still debate which episodes rank among the best. In this article, we will look at some of the best Friends episodes that have been ranked by fans.

Throughout its 11-season run, Friends had numerous classic episodes that were beloved by fans. From Rachel's iconic hair cut to the birth of Ross and Rachel's baby, the show has provided viewers with some of the most memorable moments in television history. Some of the best episodes of Friends include "The One With the Prom Video", "The One Where Ross Finds Out", and "The One With the Morning After".

The episode is filled with memorable moments, from Ross's misadventures in apartment hunting to Phoebe's attempts to get Monica and Chandler to spill the beans. It's no wonder that this episode is so beloved, as it is full of hilarious dialogue, laugh-out-loud moments, and heartwarming exchanges between the friends. It is no surprise that it has been singled out as one of the best episodes of the entire series.

It's no surprise that Chandler and Monica get married so quickly, as they have been struggling to define their relationship since the show's first season. With their relationship finally settled, Ross and Rachel take advantage of their newly-found freedom and head out to the casino. Although their night of drinking and gambling leads to some comedic moments, it also serves as a reminder of their complicated past. Phoebe's encounter with the casino lurker further adds to the comedic elements of the episode, as the audience is left wondering what kind of trouble she will get into. 041b061a72


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