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[S3E2] Spaghetti And Coffee ((TOP))

Gyp Rosetti wakes up at the Kinneret Lodge in Tabor Heights, New Jersey. He is met at the door by his lieutenant, Tonino, who has cold coffee and questions about their purpose in town. Gyp ignores him and approaches the gas jockey at the neighboring filling station. He ascertains that Tabor Heights is the last refueling point in New Jersey when travelling from Atlantic City to New York.

[S3E2] Spaghetti and Coffee

That night Gyp eats at the local diner. He is amused to find spaghetti and meatballs on the menu and tries to order some wine to go with it. Sheriff Sickles emerges from the rest room and tells Gyp that the coffee is good. Gyp settles for the legal accompaniment and jokes with Tonino that the dish is just like mama used to make.

Meanwhile, Elaine gets tired of Kramer dating her roommate Tina. They pour spaghetti sauce in the strainer, play loud tribal music, and have make-out sessions. Kramer uses a windshield that he found on the side of the road as a coffee table. Elaine is further upset after Kramer unknowingly walks into Elaine's bedroom and sees her naked.

Elaine enters her apartment with dirty dishes piled high in the kitchen, loud tribal music playing, and Kramer dancing with only a towel wrapped around his waist. When Tina and Kramer ask Elaine if she is upset, she decides, after thinking about the problems George caused by telling the truth, to lie. She tells them they are a great couple. Kramer and Tina begin an African dance together but accidentally break the windshield coffee table as they move to the couch to make-out, severely injuring themselves and leading to Tina being admitted to the hospital.

Carly and Sam introduce Spencer's spaghetti taco recipe on the web show. Since they introduced their cooking segment as a tribute to a famous TV chef, Ricky Flame, they are excited when he challenges them to compete on his show "Food Fight" to have a jury of food critics judge who makes better spaghetti tacos. The iCarly trio defeats Flame, who falls into a bout of depression because he was handed his first loss in his career.

While the show was heavy on the red sauce, spaghetti with clams and plates with mussels were also in the mix. When the Jersey boys went to Naples to import a new crew member, unfamiliar preparations of some dishes were served at a dinner meeting with their Italian counterparts. Paulie Walnuts, one of Tony's chief henchmen, picked at his mussels with black pasta then asked for macaroni with gravy. The Italians sitting next to him were horrified, "and you thought the Germans were classless," said one.

This notion that Italian-Americans are still considered "pizza makers and Mamma Leonie's" was a topic of discussion at an Italian pride ladies luncheon that Carmela and a few of the mob wives attended. One piece of advice offered to debunk the stereotype: "If they say spaghetti and meatballs, you tell them orecchiette with broccoli rabe."

Most times, they have a spaghetti-and-salad combination with pizza or dinner rolls. One time, Sheldon had to eat both Chinese food AND spaghetti (with a sliced up hotdog in it) in the same night to avoid taking sides after Penny and Leonard broke up.

However, Sheldon mentions that his mother likes to cook Italian because she says this is what the Romans used to make Jesus eat. She always uses Mama Itali spaghetti sauce and throws in cut-up hotdogs for the dish, which is such a comfort food for Sheldon that Amy Farrah Fowler uses it to spark affectionate feelings in Sheldon during one dinner date.

On their first date, facilitated by Howard and Raj using an online dating site, Sheldon and Amy Farrah Fowler meet at a coffee shop that has Pasadena in the title, according to the logo on the door. Offered a drink, Amy says she wants tepid water.

Back at the ranch, Dutton gives Monica a cup of coffee, and she takes the opportunity to ask about the branding ritual she witnessed last night. Her husband, after all, has the same brand and as far as we've seen so far he's the only Dutton to have it.

Alexander: The service, the coffee... (one cup shows a plant, the other shows Cricket and Phoenix[?]) The music... (Here we see Tilly playing some French music!) THE AMBIANCE! Oh, my gosh, Terry, LEAVE A REVIEW, ALREADY! (he gulps as he downs the drink)

Gloria: Well, now there's just a lot of room for improvement. (calls out to the other "workers") All right! If you were hired by a child, you do not actually work here! (Gabriella is playing with a stack of cups, Kiki is playing with some paper towels, and Weezie is spilling some coffee!) Please go home!

OK let me be strait: This isn't exactly ''Haut-Quisine" or good Italian food. But i guess you figured that out by reading the tittle didn't you?But if you are seeking for a very simple but tasty pasta recepy that even picky kids will eat than this Ible is for you!My wife and me use to make this while camping, in a cabin at holidays or just when we are in a hurry.These pictures where taken when we were indeed on a holiday in a vacation bungalow in our autumn brake.No let's get started:What do we need?-A jar of ready made red pesto (the cheap stuff like the one in the picture is sufficient-Pasta (duh...well we used " spirelli" but other kind of macaroni or spaghetti will work as well)-Cheese (We used Dutch 'Gouda' but other cheese that melts good is OK)-Cucumber (Hey, my kids gotta to eat some green, healthy stuff! And no, green pesto isn't an option,.. well for a different taste it is)That's it! Is that all, you say? Yes, but you could add some olives and some Italian spices off course, but thats for the expert chefs ;-) 041b061a72


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