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B Pratt Satellite Communications Wiley India Free Pdf.rarl !!INSTALL!!

the text includes five long tables that present the fundamental equations used to compute all the various quantities that affect satellite communications. these equations are derived in step by step fashion from basic transmission theory. since there is a strong mathematical approach to the problems they present, while this text is full of examples that demonstrate how this approach works, students need not be experts in the mathematics of linear algebra, abstract algebra, stochastic processes, or probability theory. however, familiarity with these fields is beneficial. in addition, the equations have been simplified in an effort to make them easier to use in practice. a strong emphasis has also been placed on practical applications, both on orbital and on link level. prerequisite knowledge for the student of satellite communications is discussed extensively at the beginning of each of the ten chapters. suggested pre-reading:satellite communications i: principles of digital communications in space (air force research laboratory, wright patterson air force base, 1990).

B Pratt Satellite Communications Wiley India Free Pdf.rarl

a strong emphasis has been placed on satellite communications in every chapter, and great care has been taken to ensure that many details that are important to the practice of satellite communication have been identified.

students in the third edition of the text will use a lot of methods for determining the range of a satellite and the satellite orbits, including variation of the velocity and position of the transmitter and receiver with respect to the planet. in many cases, the range may be very different from the stated range when certain assumptions are not made. for example, if a spacecraft is launched in a specific satellite orbit, then it will perform a maneuver to conserve energy and if it is launched from a different orbit, a different range will be observed. students may find that it is important to know the launch orbit. this orbit is called the maneuver orbit, and several methods for determining it are presented.


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