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[S4E1] Moment Of Nastalgia

Steve reassures Robin that her crush would welcome her advances given that she returned Fast Times at Ridgemont High to the video store paused at 53 minutes 9 seconds. This, as you might have guessed, is the moment in the 1982 film when the character played by Phoebe Cates removes her red bikini top in a memorable dream sequence.

[S4E1] Moment Of Nastalgia

In "The Empire Strikes Back," Han Solo (Harrison Ford) famously told C-3PO (Anthony Daniels) to never tell him the odds of success. Matarazzo delivers the line with the same kind of calm cool, and it's a really fun moment (even if he ends up rolling poorly.)

Robby basked in his moment of moral superiority briefly, but he caved as fast as you'd expect. It's no surprise that one interaction with Sam pushed him right back to Cobra Kai, and he's taking on an apprentice vibe by showing everyone Miyagi-Do's tricks and skills.

Amanda's badass moment of confronting Tory at her job had me hype, and while they insist on this narrative where we're supposed to sympathize with Tory being rough around the edges because of her home situation, it's still hard to care.

The episode is unstaged and totally fair. Both men get desperate and both men show that in the end, their friendship is more important than their TV show. In later seasons, these moments of friendship are all but gone and a lot of the fun is lost, in my opinion.

Montoya brings his script to life by allowing us to feel moments with the characters. This becomes the most important aspect of buying in on Millennium Bugs. The two leads vacillate between highly likable and very frustrating for the audience. Erin and Lovato each bring the emotion needed to the screenplay, even if the occasional moment falls flat. Most importantly, their chemistry allows the jokes to crackle off the page and suck us into their journey.

During times of chaos and anxiety, many of us take comfort in nostalgia. And as the streaming wars heat up, platforms like HBO Max and Peacock have shelled out massively to land the rights to fan favorite TV series. Among the most coveted of these is Friends, which left Netflix last year and is now available on HBO Max. All 10 seasons of the beloved sitcom are available to stream on the platform, and while some moments have aged less well than others, the show has retained its popularity among fans since it aired its final episode in May 2004.

I consider The O.C. to be one of the very best teen dramas of the 2000s, and I challenge you to fight me on it. As a teenager, I was totally obsessed with the unrealistic scenarios, explosive teenage love, and rich affluence that for some reason explained away every single one of the insanely over-the-top storylines. Add in the soundtracks of catchy indie songs and the Orange County backdrop, and it made for pure, soapy perfection.\nThe music from The O.C. \u2014 released as mixed tapes following each season \u2014 was the soundtrack to my painfully awkward high school years, and years later, the songs still transport me right back to my angsty bedroom. In case you want to relive those years with me, here are a few of the most memorable music moments that accompanied what I not-so-humbly believe is the best teenage drama series of our time.\n\n Related:\n\n \n \n \n \n\n 63 of the Best Teen Movies on Netflix, From "The Kissing Booth" to "Tall Girl"\n \n \n","id":46488778,"type":"gallery","photo_source":"Image Source: Everett Collection","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"21 Songs From The O.C. That Will Transport You Back to Your Angsty Teenage Bedroom","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":false,"slide_tags":"The O.C.NostalgiaMusicTVTV Soundtrack","is_cover":true},"embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/wq-S8CIU7VA","share_image":false,"title":"The Theme Song: \u201cCalifornia\u201d by Phantom Planet","intro_text":false,"body":"It would be wrong to even think about starting a list of the most memorable songs from The O.C. with anything but the theme song, \"California\". It was only the soundtrack to our youth, OK?!\n","id":46488757,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488757\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"The Theme Song: \u201cCalifornia\u201d by Phantom Planet","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":1,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","share_image":false,"title":"Season 3, Episode 25: \"Hallelujah\" by Imogen Heap","intro_text":false,"body":"Next, the song that essentially marked the end of The O.C. as we knew it \u2014 Imogen Heap's harrowing cover of Jeff Buckley's \"Hallelujah\" will always conjure an image of Ryan carrying a limp Marissa from a burning car wreck.\n","id":46488758,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488758\/Season-3-Episode-25-Hallelujah-Imogen-Heap","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 3, Episode 25: \"Hallelujah\" by Imogen Heap","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":2,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/rQi8wEHMm5Y","share_image":false,"title":"Season 3, Episodes 4 and 16: \u201cForever Young\u201d by The Youth Group","intro_text":false,"body":"Youth Group recorded the cover of the Alphaville song \"Forever Young\" especially for The O.C., and it was actually played twice during season three. The first time was while Marissa and Ryan dance in the pool house, and \u2014 you'll be surprised to hear \u2014 that it played a second time as Ryan and Marissa broke up . . . again.\n","id":46488759,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488759\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 3, Episodes 4 and 16: \u201cForever Young\u201d by The Youth Group","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":3,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/UYIAfiVGluk","share_image":false,"title":"Season 2, Episode 24: \u201cHide and Seek\u201d by Imogen Heap","intro_text":false,"body":"\"Hide and Seek\" played in The O.C. during the season two finale \u2014 the first time is when Marissa shoots Ryan's brother, Trey, and once you're done reliving that haunting moment, cool down by watching Lonely Island's SNL parody video inspired by the scene.\n","id":46488760,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488760\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 2, Episode 24: \u201cHide and Seek\u201d by Imogen Heap","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":4,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/8LhZ6k5VxLw","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 15: \"I\u2019m Shakin\u2019\" by Rooney","intro_text":false,"body":"Rooney is another band whose sound will always be synonymous with The O.C., and \"I'm Shakin'\" plays in season one when the team goes to see Rooney play live. It's also during this song that the biggest creep of all time, Oliver, starts acting a bit titchy . . . again. And Ryan gets jealous . . . again.\n","id":46488761,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488761\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 15: \"I\u2019m Shakin\u2019\" by Rooney","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":5,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/hbvpCkDleDo","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 19: \u201cWonderwall\u201d by Ryan Adams","intro_text":false,"body":"Ryan Adams' cover of the Oasis song \"Wonderwall\" was the perfect backing track to another of Ryan and Marissa's breakups. The dramatic scene overshadowed a seriously cute slow-dancing scene with Seth and Summer, and we're still not happy about it. \n","id":46488762,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488762\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 19: \u201cWonderwall\u201d by Ryan Adams","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":6,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/DmsEAWQwHY4","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 7: \"A Movie Script Ending\" by Death Cab for Cutie","intro_text":false,"body":"Death Cab for Cutie was Seth Cohen's first true love in the show (sorry Summer), so there are many Death Cab songs played throughout the series. The scene best known for showing Seth's unwavering dedication to the band was in season one when Summer throws serious shade and Seth passionately defends his beloved with the line \"Don't insult Death Cab!\".\n","id":46488763,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488763\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 7: \"A Movie Script Ending\" by Death Cab for Cutie","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":7,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/k4V3Mo61fJM","share_image":false,"title":"Season 2, Episode 23: \"Fix You\" by Coldplay","intro_text":false,"body":"Coldplay debuted their song \"Fix You\" on the final episode of season two. After Summer wins prom queen (alongside *gasp* Luke) and is stood up on stage, Seth makes the grand gesture of running on stage to slow-dance with her. But, once again, the scene is overshadowed by Ryan surprising Marissa, and the song plays softly in the background while they slow-dance in the school carpark. Famously, it is also during this song that Caleb falls into the pool mid-heart attack. It was a big moment for the show.\n","id":46488764,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488764\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 2, Episode 23: \"Fix You\" by Coldplay","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":8,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/Bm1g5Yg0hUw","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 12: \u201cWe Used to be Friends\u201d by The Dandy Warhols","intro_text":false,"body":"A new scene opens with this song blaring and a sleep-mussed Seth Cohen happily dancing his way through his family's palatial home \u2014 the song cuts out suddenly as he enters the kitchen, ready to convince Sandy that he's too sick to go to school. Oh, Seth.\n","id":46488765,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488765\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 12: \u201cWe Used to be Friends\u201d by The Dandy Warhols","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":9,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/NAiRwMRDSCk","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 27: \u201cMaybe I\u2019m Amazed\u201d by Jem","intro_text":false,"body":"Jem performed the cover of Paul McCartney's hit \"Maybe I'm Amazed\" at Julie and Caleb's wedding. This scene is best known as being the moment Ryan plucked up enough courage to ask Marissa to dance, and she says these memorable lines: \"I just want you to know that I understand why you have to do this . . . but I wish you didn't have to (insert another dramatic pause) *whispers* I love you.\"\n","id":46488766,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488766\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 27: \u201cMaybe I\u2019m Amazed\u201d by Jem","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":10,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/cN-RwnufBR0","share_image":false,"title":"Season 3, Episode 25: \u201cSpeeding Cars\u201d by Imogen Heap","intro_text":false,"body":"\"Speeding Cars\" was the perfect song to play while watching the four main characters graduate high school \u2014 and was a much more lighthearted tune than Heap's rendition of \"Hallelujah\" that plays at the end of the very same episode. Sorry, we won't go there again.\n","id":46488767,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488767\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 3, Episode 25: \u201cSpeeding Cars\u201d by Imogen Heap","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":11,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/XHlUcYYifO0","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 19: \u201cHello Sunshine\u201d by Super Furry Animals","intro_text":false,"body":"This song \u2014 both the original version and the cover performed by Syd Matters \u2014 perfectly sums up how mesmerised Seth is with Summer, equally in season one as in the fourth episode of season four. \n","id":46488768,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488768\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 19: \u201cHello Sunshine\u201d by Super Furry Animals","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":12,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/ZL9CnplNHqQ","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episode 21: \u201cIf You Leave\u201d by Nada Surf","intro_text":false,"body":"Seth Cohen races to the airport to try and stop Anna from leaving Orange County and flying home to Pittsburgh. He catches her at security and breathlessly begs her to not leave because of him, but once she clears up the fact that she only loves him as a friend, she tearfully hugs him and says goodbye.\n","id":46488769,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488769\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 1, Episode 21: \u201cIf You Leave\u201d by Nada Surf","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":13,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/d-mYX0qKkB8","share_image":false,"title":"Season 4, Episode 1: \u201cRunning Up That Hill\" by Placebo","intro_text":false,"body":"Following the death of Marissa at the end of season three, the fourth season opens with this song by Placebo, showing a moody video of Ryan \u2014 sporting a busted up face \u2014 answering a call, then Sandy finding him living out of the back of a dark, smoky bar. Basically, this song showed just how messed up everyone had become in the months since Marissa's death.\n","id":46488770,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488770\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 4, Episode 1: \u201cRunning Up That Hill\" by Placebo","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":14,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/WbLoYVnh4sY","share_image":false,"title":"Season 4, Episode 1: \"Bad Dream\" by Keane","intro_text":false,"body":"Another song from the first episode of season four, \"Bad Dream\" is the backing track for the moments when Summer leaves town to attend a protest against seal poachers, and Ryan sets out on his mission from Julie to carry out revenge on Volchok. There's also a scene during this song that explains how Ryan's face got so bruised, and we have two words for you: cage fighting.\n","id":46488771,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488771\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 4, Episode 1: \"Bad Dream\" by Keane","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":15,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/sXCV89rZOro","share_image":false,"title":"Season 2, Episode 14: \u201cChampagne Supernova\u201d by Matt Pond PA","intro_text":false,"body":"\"Champagne Supernova\" played during season two, in the scene where Seth and Summer shared their upside down Spiderman kiss in the rain after Seth falls off the roof of his house.\n","id":46488772,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488772\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 2, Episode 14: \u201cChampagne Supernova\u201d by Matt Pond PA","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":16,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/fdv_Ggnfm-Q","share_image":false,"title":"Season 2, Episode 3: \u201cWorn Me Down\u201d by Rachael Yamagata","intro_text":false,"body":"Just when we thought Seth and Summer would get back together, and Marissa and Ryan would rekindle their turbulent love, \"Worn Me Down\" comes on, and it all, once again, goes down the drain.\n","id":46488773,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488773\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-Songs-From-OC-Soundtrack-46488778","share_text":"Season 2, Episode 3: \u201cWorn Me Down\u201d by Rachael Yamagata","use_tall_image":false,"omit_from_countdown":false,"caption_num":17,"slide_tags":"Music","embed_html":"","embed_link":"https:\/\/\/embed\/04J0ihSeIuI","share_image":false,"title":"Season 1, Episodes 1 and 7: \"Into Dust\" by Mazzy Starr","intro_text":false,"body":"Just another song that plays while Ryan saved Marissa \u2014 twice. First, in the pilot episode where he carries a drunk Marissa home and in episode seven of the same season during that scene in Tijuana.\n","id":46488774,"type":"text","photo_source":"","permalink":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/photo-gallery\/46488778\/embed\/46488774\/embed","canonical":"https:\/\/\/entertainment\/Best-


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